The Williamson County Commissioners Court on Tuesday approved a 5% increase in pay for all law enforcement officers in the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget, plus an additional 1% to 5% increase for all tenured staff, for an average increase of approximately 7%. County law enforcement officers are employed in the Sheriff’s Office, Constables’ offices, District Attorney’s Office, Corrections, and County Attorney’s Office.

“Since I have been in office, we made a strong commitment to support law enforcement. We have provided the proper tools and resources, and now, the best compensation in the region when you include benefits and retirement,” said County Judge Bill Gravell.

Prior to Tuesday’s Commissioners Court action, county law enforcement salaries have seen three cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increases for a total of 11% since October 2018, in addition to their approximate 2% yearly increase for tenure. Corrections employees also have had three cost-of-living increases in that same time for a total of 21%. However, in June 2021, the tenure step chart was changed, and annual tenure increases range from 5% for the starting base salary to 1% for 10 years of tenure and above in order to create a higher paying career path with increases at a faster rate.

"There's probably not a more challenging time to be in law enforcement, and I thank all the men and women who do serve in that role for what they do,“ said Precinct 2 Commissioner Cynthia Long. “We appreciate all the sacrifices that you make, and I think this is the right step to take." 

All law enforcement and corrections employees will increase one step on the tenure chart on Oct. 1, if they have been employed at Williamson County for one year.