By Rachel Madison

What’s that big, concrete building behind the QuikTrip gas station on County Road 214? That’s been the question on a lot of residents’ minds in recent weeks as the walls have gone vertical at the new location for Austin-based Golf Cart King.

Golf Cart King is a family-owned business that started in Austin in 2010. The company was launched for golf cart owners who wanted more personalization options and access to a variety of parts to perform their own maintenance on their golf carts.

Aaron Gouldie, founder and CEO, told The Independent he decided to relocate and build Golf Cart King’s new facility in Liberty Hill because geographically it worked well for him.

“We didn’t have a footprint in the area of Sun City in Georgetown, and I lived in [Leander],” he said. “I was looking at somewhere in between my house and Sun City to open up a new headquarters. When I met with the staff with the City of Liberty Hill, it seemed like a good fit and everyone was welcoming.”

The project broke ground in fall 2021 and is anticipated to be completed by April 2022, Gouldie said. Golf Cart King will bring 23 new jobs to the community and anticipates that amount moving up to as many as 41 within the next decade.

While for now the 12,000-square-foot, two-story building looks intimidating as it looms just off State Highway 29, Gouldie said the finished product will be beautiful.

“I am putting $250,000 into the landscaping alone,” he said. “I will be planting over 50 trees there. There will be a glass façade in the front, and the building will be painted multiple colors and have lighting on it. It’s going to be really nice. My intention was never to build an eyesore—it will be a very nice facility when it’s done.”

Upon completion, the building will include a 6,000-square-foot retail store front and showroom, 6,000 square feet of offices, storage space for golf carts, and areas for custom upholstery projects.

Gouldie said he has put everything he’s made into his business and is excited to bring his family-based company to Liberty Hill.

“Golf Cart King is not a corporation,” he said. “We’re just a bunch of small-town people bringing our building to a small town to help it grow. I promise the building won’t be an eyesore—it’s going to be really nice.”

Golf Cart King comes to Liberty Hill through an incentive agreement between the City of Liberty Hill and the Economic Development Corporation, which includes both employment incentives and sales tax reimbursements. According to the agreement, Golf Cart King will receive $2,000 per full-time equivalent position at the end of 2023, 2025 and 2027, up to $230,000 total with an annual cap of $50,000.

In addition, the EDC will pay Golf Cart King 60 percent of the EDC’s portion of the sales tax generated by the company over 10 years. The EDC earns one-eighth of a cent in sales tax for every dollar. The City will reimburse 50 percent of its one-cent sales tax revenues generated by golf Cart King for three years, then 33 percent for three years, and 25 percent in the final three years of the agreement. The sales tax incentive to Golf Cart King is capped at $300,000.