Tim Fleming

Hair Stop Owner Tim Fleming offered free haircuts last week to Liberty Hill students returning to school. (Courtesy Photo)

One local barber shop owner found a way to give back to his community by offering free haircuts last week to children returning to school in Liberty Hill ISD.

The Hair Stop on Myrtle Lane held its fifth annual back-to-school free haircuts day on August 15.

Owner Tim Fleming moved to Texas from Germany in 2018. He had experience as a barber working at a Turkish barbershop in Germany so he quickly got a job as a barber at The Hair Stop after he arrived.

“I got the idea for back-to-school haircuts from the barber shop I worked at in Germany. We gave out free haircuts to kids going back to school every year and it’s a great way to give back to the community you live in,” he said.

Fleming later on bought the Hair Stop from former owner Mary Ledezma who still cuts hair in the shop and also loved the idea. 

The event gets bigger and bigger as Liberty Hill has grown every year and this year, more than 90 LHISD students received free haircuts. This year, Fleming added a barber who volunteered from another barber shop and two more who work in The Hair Stop to join in. Fleming also invited the Bombs-Away BBQ food truck for free BBQ for families. Fleming is proud that the event shines a light on the other small businesses as well.  

The barber shop owner says the Hair Stop also gave away some backpacks and school supplies.

“We wish to give back as much or more every year in the future, getting more local businesses involved because the Liberty Hill community has been so good to us,” he said. 

Fleming has four children and says a fresh haircut goes a long way in making kids feel prepared for the first day of school.

“If I can give one kid a good haircut to make him feel good about going to school, I love doing this. It’s definitely worth it.” 

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