Bryan and Heather Evans start planning for Halloween nearly a year in advance—and for good reason. Every October, the Evans transform their front yard into a fun and interactive scene for their neighbors and community to enjoy.

This year, the Evans, along with their three children, Addi, 14; Hannah, 11; and Bennett, 8, have created a graveyard cinema, complete with a spooky concessions stand, headstones, skeleton moviegoers and short films playing on a projector on the front of their home. 

 “We talk about what we’re going to do all year long, and we start planning months in advance,” said Heather Evans. “We did this theme two years ago and wanted to do it again. We like to do something that’s interactive and not gory or scary, but instead something that will make people happy when they see it.”

In the past, the Evans have created a haunted circus in their yard, and they have plans to do a spooky wedding theme in the future. The best part of their creativity? They get to make all their props.

“We build pretty much everything,” Bryan Evans said. “Heather tells me what to build, and I build it.”

The Evans built the concessions stand, the archway leading into their graveyard cinema, and the headstones that serve as seats for their skeleton moviegoers.

“We also did all of the pillars around the yard, which are made out of foam, so they are lightweight,” Heather Evans added. “And all the concessions in the stand we made, too. The popcorn is insulation foam that I made look like popcorn, and I made all the labels for the candies and sodas.”

Heather Evans designed each of the labels for the candy and sodas seen in the concessions stand with names fitting for a graveyard cinema. Instead of Reese’s Pieces, the skeletons are selling Rest In Pieces, and instead of Junior Mints, Toxic Mints are on the menu; while the sodas include skeleton favorites like Pumpkin Punch and Spider’s Blood.   

A few skeletons are enjoying the short films from the Evans’ front yard, including a skeleton couple on a date, but there’s plenty of space for living people, too.

“People can definitely come and hang out and watch the shorts,” Bryan Evans said. “We are showing the good old classic Disney shorts with Mickey Mouse.”

The Evans have always liked decorating for holidays, but particularly for Halloween.

“This is the one thing we just love,” Heather Evans said. “Everyone has their thing they spend their time and money on, and this is our thing. At the same thing, we try to be frugal, so we aren’t the type of people that just buy a bunch of stuff, which is why we like to make it. Then, we have decorations that no one else has.”

The graveyard cinema is located at 132 Rebel Red Road in Santa Rita Ranch and will be up for viewing through Halloween.