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Almost 10 years ago before The Independent moved to our new home in historic downtown Liberty Hill, our reporters were sitting in our weekly meeting when we began comparing the pace of the news to the year before. We all agreed that there was more to cover than we could ever find time or space for.   

Not just more news but more kinds of news. The evolution of Liberty Hill was connected to the population explosion, the establishment of relatively new governmental entities like the still-young City of Liberty Hill, the emergency services district and the expanding school district.  

Experienced and degreed journalists see the news as we’ve been taught to see it and its pace is interesting to us. We aren’t trying to shape the news or please a certain audience. We believe reporting the truth is a real thing and its value is immeasurable.

See, if we report the truth, the facts, and get them to you as fast as we can then you will know more in order to make the decisions facing you and your family. We don’t promote particular political parties or certain campaigning politicians. Instead, we tell you when the schools will close because of a pandemic, how decisions are being made that impact future growth and development of our town, we report local transportation updates, and when you need to boil your water. You know, real news that matters. News that affects your family and your neighbors.

Sure, we cover local politics but we’ve never endorsed a candidate. We tell you when your local taxes are going to increase. We tell you how that happened and who voted to do it, but we never work for the politicians. We never try to “clean them up” when they’ve made mistakes. We just tell you the facts and trust that you are able to make up your own mind about how the news impacts your life.  

Along the way we meet some of the most interesting people on the Shin Oak Ridge and we share their stories through features and photographs. But at the heart of a real news organization is our search for news and our efforts to report it.

That’s why The Independent is always working to step up our game. We want you to know things when they happen as opposed to waiting a week to get ink on your hands. While our social media pages are always buzzing, we are moving to a faster way to deliver information to you when you want it.

The Independent has rolled out a new look on LHIndependent.com where we are posting and updating news there continuously throughout the day. Sign up for the free Daily Independent newsletter that will deliver the headlines by email. For those who prefer the news in print, we will mail a monthly publication to you. The Monthly Independent will be our news capsule of the most important stories to help you keep up with your world. Over time look for more videos and more interactive news.

As we move toward this faster news and features platform it will be our goal to make sure you gain everything and lose nothing. In fact, in the process you will get to know us a little better. We intend to not only step up our game but tell you who is doing it and how we are doing it. That’s right, we intend to pull back the curtain and let you see us do our work. It seems only fair that you get to know the news nerds who have spent our careers chasing down the often stubborn, elusive facts and working hard to get them right. We do this work because we feel it is our calling in life.

Change can be difficult but there is no going back to the sleepy Liberty Hill I moved to 23 years ago. The kids we raised here are grownups now. And there is no way for James Wear to go back to the one-street town where he fell in love and married Paula outside the café. Our staff, whether old timers or newer Liberty Hill converts care deeply about you and this community.

So, we will embrace the change with you and promise you that our mission has not changed. Our commitment has not changed and our professionalism has not changed. The only change is our platform for doing things better.

If you know, you know.