Cable television news is the worst. The empty suits who should be telling us what’s happening across the globe somehow manage to intermittently intermingle their personal opinions with what should be a simple reporting of the facts.

   Real local news reporters and the local small businesses that employ them know that even today’s facts are but temporary. For example, our ancestors  once believed the world was flat. They were highly sure of this fact but it was later proven to be incorrect. 

  News reporters don’t believe their articles to be scriptural, handed down from the Lord above. Instead they are reporting the truth as it happens. As they find out more, they report it to you as soon as they can.

 John Adams said facts are stubborn things. Yes, the truth is real and it should be the professional examination of all the journalistic x-rays, ultrasounds and electrocardiograms we can find.

  But what if your local news source was owned by politicians? Or certain political hacks masquerading as news writers? Well, the news sure wouldn’t be Independent and it damn sure wouldn’t be news. That’s why hometown newspapers and news organizations deserve your support. As social media spreads unsubstantiated rumors the hometown reporters who live right here in your community take the time and care to chase down the facts and share both sides of the story.

 Local businesses that continually advertise in the local media aren’t just doing so because they are reaching out to a local customer base, they are investing in bringing you the news. While local small businesses are investing in another small business, they are also investing in making sure that you know what is happening in your community. They want you to know the facts, digest them without being force fed some political agenda and make up your own mind about how you and your family should respond to the things going on around you.

  That’s the difference between the fake news organizations that never admit there may be more to the story and local news reporters with real journalism degrees and experienced backgrounds who just look for the truth.

 After many years of being around the news I will take this time to share the truth about the other staff members here at the Liberty Hill Independent…I’ve never known how Shelly, Stacy, Rachel, Scott, James or Alex have actually voted, but I have ferreted out their one real bias -- they all are really rooting for the Fighting Panthers and they don’t seem to care who knows it.

 Wilt Cutter is the only man in the world whose name is his profession. He finds beauty in the naturally occurring poetry of the Shin Oak Ridge and its people. His typewriter hates injustice.